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How we built Parker Joinery's website

How we built Parker Joinery's website

Parker Joinery are a Sussex joinery company that manufacture and install a wide variety of wood doors, windows, staircases, conservatories & reception counters. They are a family run company with many years of experience that are committed to providing quality service and results.

Parker Joinery needed a website to showcase the great range and quality of work they have done to potential new customers. They required an easy to navigate, responsive and highly visual web design with which customers could instantly understand and appreciate the products and services they provide.

We created their website with our Timberwolf CMS (Content Management System). This allowed for the website to run smoothly, efficiently and responsively in a simple yet engaging manner.

Included in the website are multiple image carousels, showcasing beautiful examples of Parker Joinery's hand crafted products in each of the different portfolios.

Each page displays testimonials, which effectively demonstrates positive experiences from existing clients to potential customers to help promote the services they offer.

The website includes separate sections dedicated to sustainable environmental performance and to corporate social responsibility(CSR), which highlights their commitment to traditional and socially responsible values.

The design of the website emphasises the expertise, quality and variety of the services offered by Parker Joinery and enhances the professional, dedicated and bespoke tone with which the company wishes to identify.


Parker Joinery have many different products and services available to their customers. The website allows for all the their products and services to be displayed, in a clear manner, with friendly navigation throughout. The user experience is vital to the website. The website has many features which allows different products and service to be displayed through carousel's, users to register their details to be considered for vacancies and various products and services to be featured on different pages. Below are examples of how these features are created:

Product Carousel: On many of the pages on the website, there is a carousel feature, to showcase different images within the same section. It allows for different images to automatically change, when a user is on the page. It also allows for the user to click through to view different images.

Vacancies Sign up form: As Parker Joinery offer different vacancies from time to time, they also give the user the chance to sign up to give their details for potential future roles. The user can submit their details and also upload their CV, which is then sent to Parker Joinery via email. It is very useful for both the user and Parker Joinery for details to be shared and for the CV document to be submitted with ease.

Featured Services: This feature allows for particular services offered by Parker Joinery to be featured across the site, allowing for more 'Calls to action' for users to see what Parker Joinery have to offer. It helps the user experience, as it allows for the user to visit different pages with ease.

The website allows for Parker Joinery to showcase their products and services in professional tone throughout.

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