Taking a 360 view of your online presence


Build14me is a Brighton based digital agency, specialising in building responsive websites, SEO and Social media services.

We see our job as giving you the online presence you need. So when it comes to building websites we: 

  • Build websites that work. Websites that can be found by search engines, that engage with your audiences and are easy to update.

  • Refresh old or tired sites. Bringing them up to date technically and visually. So search engines and users will understand what you offer.

  • Build websites from a Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) first perspective. So whatever your business, organisation or charity we will help you ensure you get people looking for the services or products you offer.

But if your real headache is around social media, we can manage that for you too.

  • We can develop Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin campaigns that will help keep your brand in your audience’s mind and help you create your organizations’ personality and attitude.

And what about blogs? We love writing blogs, we love finding out what your audiences are looking for and then creating content that informs, educates and entertains.

And, even though we say so ourselves - we are really quite good helping our clients get the online visibility they need.


Web Design and Development


Build14me - Building responsive websites that work

Our websites are: 

  • Search Engine Friendly - We build websites that are optimised and exceptionally search engine friendly. This means that they can be crawled easily by search engine bots, which allows for the information collected to be indexed on the search engines. We also offer a Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) service, for ongoing work.

  • Social Media Ready - Have links to all of your social media profiles, enabling your fans (some people call these people users) to quickly and easily see what you get up to on social media. We can also embed social media live feeds on the website so that visitors to your site can see exactly what you're doing on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and share it with their friends.

  • Easy to update - We ensure that when the website is built, our clients are comfortable enough to make changes. This means that the back end of the website on our custom built Content Management System (CMS) is easy to navigate through and you will be free to make edits and changes to the content of the site.

  • Responsive - They are built to work across all devices. With users now accessing websites across different devices and technology, it is crucial that sites work optimally on every platform. We test how the site works on different devices throughout the build. We are constantly learning to keep up to date with new technologies and as such are able to update any old site to work with any new technological advances.

  • Professionallly written - We create outstanding, punchy content that will inspire your audience and motivate them to take action on your site. Whether you are looking for sign-ups, sales, enquiries or applications we can craft stunning copy to direct your users to taking action.

See our Web Design and Development page for more information

SEO Services


How we can help with our SEO Services

We use our ASSET approach, specially developed to take care of every aspect of organic search, to increase your rankings and to increase your profits.

ASSET is an acronym  for all things that matter when it comes to SEO

  • A is for Architecture

  • S is for Social signals,

  • S is for Story telling

  • E is for enrolment

  • T is for Tie In

We see ourselves as SEO evangelists, providing a range of free workshops and seminars that help companies, charities and public sector organisations to increase their (relevant) traffic.

See more information about our SEO services and how we can improve your online digital presence - SEO Services.

Social Media


We have a range of social media services

  • Social Media Management - We are really good at running our clients social media accounts.. we have great ideas, we know what makes our client's customers tick and we understand how to create interesting posts that get the reactions we want. We can help with specific campaigns or we can act as your voice on social media - You decide what's best for you and we'll work around it. We can take care of everything - because, let's face it. you probably have better things to do.

  • Content Creation - Most people understand that well written and interesting content will help drive traffic to your site But when it comes to creating content, many people simply get stuck for ideas or are not quite sure of the best way to communicate a message. We are pretty good at that too. We can help create ideas that will engage with your users. Its not rocket science - its just understanding what people will want to know about you and then saying it in a way they like. If you are struggling to create content... get in touch with us and we can help.

See how we can help you connect with your audience and promote business through social media - Social Media Services.



Here are some of the latest projects that we have worked on:


Take a look at our recent projects above. We have worked with a range of different clients across different sectors. See our projects page to see examples of our web design work, as well as our recent case studies.