How we built the Hartbeeps website


Hartbeeps are a fantastic company who run sensory baby classes for Children and Parents across the UK, and with over 150 Franchisee’s they are one of the largest growing companies in their sector. With their exponential growth it was important for Hartbeeps to have a state of the art website that looked and felt amazing for users and most importantly gave each franchisee their own web pages in which to advertise their services.

In order to ensure that the website had all the features and functions they wanted we decided to build the website on our custom built CMS (Content Management System), Timberwolf. Hartbeeps had already had the front end of the site designed so it was up to our in house development team to follow the design precisely and ensure all the functions were working correctly. Alongside the hard work and precision on the front end part of the site, extreme detail was put in to the design and functionality of the sites backend system, this is where franchisee’s would access and edit the information on their own web pages. Every feature was exhaustively brainstormed in order to make sure we had optimised everything as precisely as possible.

Devices HB.png

Once we had got the structure of the website complete it was time for the intricate task of filling in the content of the site. We worked alongside Hartbeeps head office to create the ideal content for their target audience. We also went to great lengths to make sure that everything through the whole process was optimised for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). Once this had been done we set about creating each individual franchisee area of the site, each franchisee was given a total of five pages each in which to fill in their own content. As each franchisee had been operating previously with their own URL it was imperative that we go through each webpage of the old site and redirect all of the URL’s from the old website to the new pages we had built.

The next step in the journey was to exhaustively test both the system and the usability of what we had created. We initially populated content for some of the franchisee’s, testing each part, every step of the way, and then slowly let a small amount of franchisee’s fill in their own content. We gradually allowed each franchisee access to the site until all 150 had been given logins and access to their pages.

The work didn’t stop here however, we created numerous video and text guides in order to allow franchisee’s to fully understand how their site worked. We also filled in a number of franchisee’s sites for them and had to ensure that all the information on every page was filled out correctly, without error in the text and in the coding.

Once this had all been done, the website was ready to launch. We still play a large role in helping Hartbeeps understand what is happening on their site through in depth analysis of their website traffic data. Through this we help them identify new markets and areas for business development.

The Hartbeeps website was created using our Franchise Model - see our Franchise Web Design Services.

With over 120 franchisees as clients we did have a few teething problems – but it’s the way that you deal with problems that I believe sets you apart. They said...

"The website looks AMAZING by the way!", "Very user friendly I must say, so very impressed so far!", "Loving the new website!" 
"Love it :) it looks amazing!", "The new site looks FAB!", "The website looks fantastic, I love it!!"
"Thank you. I have to say the site looks brilliant, well done everyone. I know (from my previous career) how much work and teething issues there can be", "Well done on the site, it is incredible and you must be so pleased. We can be a demanding lot".

In order to see the front end site and look at the amazing work that Hartbeeps do, visit – www.hartbeeps.com

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