Watts In the Garden

How we built Dan Watts's website

Watts In The Garden required a web design that would advertise their services in a website that is easy to maintain.

The Client

Watts in the Garden is run by Dan Watts who is a Brighton based plantsman and gardener, with over 15 years worth of experience. They offer a wide range of gardening services at competitive prices.


The Requirement

When Watts in The Garden came to us, they didn't previously have a website. So they required a whole new web design and content. What Dan Watts wanted from the website was a simple one page design, that would showcase the services that they offer. After a couple of initial meetings discussing what was required, we set to work on the development of the website.

The Outcome

After we designed the look of the website and created the content, we started to build the website. As Dan wanted an easy to update website that his business could edit themselves, we created the website on our Timberwolf CMS, which would allow Dan and his team to make changes whenever they require to. The design itself is a paralax web design, allowing for a smooth transition down the page, making everything easy for the user to navigate through the sections. The website is fully responsive, meaning it looks great across different devices and browsers.

See the website at: www.wattsinthegarden.co.uk/

Get in contact: If you like the look of the Watts In The Garden website and want more information on how we can build a website for you, or would like us to help develop you a website, please get in touch! Contact us on: (01273) 670100 or email us at: info@build14me.com

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Ben Macdonald