The Franchise Model


Creating websites for Franchisors that want their franchisees to benefit from their brilliant brand.


Build14me have developed a content management system that provides franchisors with a site that reflects their brand/ethos and story and allows individual franchisees to create their own pages with their own local information. Giving users a real local and relevant feel and giving franchisees the opportunity to be found in the areas in which they operate.


What The Model Allows


 The Model allows franchisees to add their own:

  • Team information

  • News stories and information relevant to their area

  • Events

  • Offers

  • Testimonials from service users

  • Class details and venue information

  • Links to booking URL’s

  • Social media buttons (Facebook, twitter and Instagram)

  • Facebook feeds onto their pages.

Franchisees will also have the ability to change their own security settings.

Our model also give the franchisor the following:

  • Admin access to all franchisee pages

  • The ability to create new admins/franchisees

  • A shop where additional items can be bought

  • Franchisee application forms

  • Staff application forms (head office as well as franchisee!)

  • Pages that detail all the products and services available through your franchise – and promote your brand – some people call this ‘generic content’ but we think it is far more than that!

  • Full tracking and analytics opportunity

  • Embedded videos and sound

  • Detailed instructions for new franchisees so they can understand how to use the system

The Franchisor is able to add new franchisees and delete or change the names of old ones (this may require additional support with redirects etc).

The Franchise Website


 As with all our sites, our Franchisor websites are:

  • Designed to work on desktops, tablets and mobiles

  • Search engine optimised to ensure that every franchise has the opportunity to be found locally

  • Tracked using Google analytics and a subscription based analytics tool

The sites we build are robust, user friendly and effective. We only build franchisor sites for companies genuinely committed to helping their franchisees succeed and who understand that this requires on-going digital support. With our all-round marketing expertise we can work with you and your franchisees to ensure that your site is performing as well as it can to help build profitable franchisees.


Example Franchise Project: Hartbeeps. Take a look at how we built the Hartbeeps Franchise website. A complex system which allows for almost 200 franchisees to log in and amend their pages.


SEO For Franchisors


Build14me are able to provide effective and measurable search engine optimisation (SEO) services for franchisors and their franchisees.

Our SEO approach for Franchise organisations is called the BLT approach:

B - Brand

L - Local

T - Type

B - We help maintain and improve your brand ranking. So people looking for whatever it is you do are sure to find you.

L - We help each and every franchise get recognised in their local area. Our content managed platform (Timberwolf) has been developed specifically for this purpose but we are happy to work on other platforms, such as Wordpress or Squarespace, if you have an existing site. In addition we can add offsite and link building SEO services. SEO is not a ‘one size fits all’ solution so we would review your franchise requirements and make recommendations based on the services being provided.

T - We ensure that your site is optimised according to the type of service or product being provided. Our aim is to ensure that your site is optimised so users looking for a service that you provide find you (or your individual franchisees) even if they have not previously heard of your brand.

Our BLT approach is a proven formula that works for Franchisors, Franchisees and their potential clients. We also offer Social Media Management services.

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