Woodingdean In Business

How we built Woodingdean In Business's website

Woodingdean In Business required a new web design to freshen up the look of the website, as well as making the website fully responsive.

The Client

Woodingdean In Business is a community based organisation based in Woodingdean, set up by Frank! Communications and Build14me. They are fully operational mainly online only (although people do pop in to the offices from time to time). Their objective is clear: Provide the residents of Woodingdean with all the latest going-on's and information in the village.


The Requirement

What was needed from the web design was a look of 'activity' showing a lot going on at all times. This meant, having the latest news displayed, Facebook feed and events listed. They needed a system, that enabled easy to use event management, news management and business listings management. Easy in terms of adding details to the website, being able to edit when necessary and delete items when they are no longer needed.

The Outcome

After designing the look of the website and what we like to call the 'tweaking process' we fine tuned the website in to it's final shape. It has an event management system, which allows for events to be added at certain dates/times which automatically drop off the system when the date has passed. It allows for re-occurring events to be added on an ongoing basis (weekly if a particular event runs every week for example). The news system is easy to add and edit items, which automatically get added to the home page when uploaded. The business listings section of the website, allow for businesses to add their business listing, which then needs to get approved by the admin at Woodingdean In Business before they get added onto the website. The business listings are also added into to relevant sections in categories.

See the website at: www.woodingdeaninbusiness.co.uk

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Ben Macdonald