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Oak Cottage Nursery

How we built Oak Cottage Nursery 's website

Oak Cottage Nursery in Woodingdean, Brighton needed a new website for the start of the new school term and Build14Me built them a website that is mobile and tablet friendly with links to their 'Outstanding' Ofsted report and the NDNA.

Oak Cottage's website includes a content management system that allows them to make their own updates and adding their own photographs. The content management pages include a news pages and an events page where they can keep parents, teachers and friends of the nursery updated on fundraising and nursery events.

Oak Cottage Nursery's new website also has a gallery that includes photographs taken by Danny Fitzpatrick, a local photographer and parent. Danny's photographs also feature throughout the site.

Oak Cottage Nursery in Woodingdean, just outside Brighton, has a beautiful garden and outside area, great for kids who enjoy the wild outdoors. The nursery wanted the design of the website to reflect their love of outside spaces, so the website design includes vibrant natural colours, leafy greens and woodland critters.


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