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The Hee Ha's

How we built The Hee Ha's's website

The Hee Ha's are a comedy improvisation group based in Brighton who perform regularly in Brighton & Hove venues.

They required a website, which would offer information about the group and scheduled event dates but it also needed to be updated by any member of the group - so it was decided that a wordpress platform would be most appropriate. Build14me are able to work on most platforms including Wordpress, Squarespace, Magento and Opencart (e-commerce platforms) as well as on our bespoke Timberwolf platform.

The website is a completely responsive, content managed, wordpress site. This means each member of The Hee Ha's can have their own log in and update the site with the latest news, shows or information as and when they happen.

The Hee Ha's and to view their website, visit

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