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Content for effective SEO, Social media and Web Design

Content for effective SEO, Social media and Web Design

Like every month here at Build14Me, we post out useful content that we think is effective for SEO, Social Media, Analytic’s and web design in any business. The content and links below are the summary of everything we posted out for the month of July. They have been categorised into relevant sections:

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In this section, you will find all the relevant links to SEO tips and information that we found useful this month. The SEO game is forever evolving and changing, which is why it is a big topic to keep up to date on:

How do you get everyone in the company on board with SEO?

5 SEO myths that should be forgotten in 2015:

SEO template to ensure your content is SEO friendly:

What SEO tips and tricks can you learn from businesses in your own field?

How Google+ can help enhance the SEO of your site – handy for small business:

Three SEO pitfalls that can wreck your website – what can you do?

Link building isn’t dead and that’s why you need a strategy:

How to build an SEO strategy for your business? Some good tips:

Good article from the Guardian showing the importance of SEO for any business:

Why infographics can help with your SEO strategy:

Brand Storytelling and your SEO strategy – the perfect partners:

Here are 3 effective tips to effective SEO in your marketing content:

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Local SEO

We help many local businesses in our community with their Local SEO services, which is why we are very interested in news and updates for this subject area. This section shows a few useful posts we found regarding Local SEO and how you can make it effective for your company, or even if you just want to find out more about the subject:

Google says ‘Near me’ searches have doubled this year:

Here are 5 ways to help boost your local SEO strategy:

Google Maps ‘Your Timeline’ feature help’s consumers remember your location:

If you want to find out more, or need help with your Local SEO, then get in touch with us! We are happy to help boost your local profile and get you visible to your target market. Check out our ‘Search Service’ page for more details.

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Google Analytics

Just the one link in this section, but it is very useful if you are new to Google Analytics, or if you want to further your understanding of the area. It can be a very useful tool indeed when used effectively:

The absolute beginners guide to Google Analytics:

Social Media

In this section are two links to content which we found interesting in the ever changing Social Media world. Especially how Instagram have upgraded the desktop experience, and how some platforms are incorporating ‘Buy’ buttons into their services, offering new ways for viewers to purchase products:

Instagram have upgraded the desktop experience – very beneficial:

Buy buttons coming to Google, Twitter and Pinterest – the new way to purchase:

Web Design

Here at Build14Me, we love web design and especially offering web design services to our clients. That is why we are constantly on top of new trends within the web design area, and how we can offer new services to our clients. Here are a few posts about some web design tips and information:

Working with shapes in web design – how many different ways are there?

The ultimate beginners guide to e-commerce – tips for your site:

A ‘Customer-Centric’ website – why it should be about your customers:

If you are interested in how Build14Me can help design and create a new website for you, or redesign your existing website, then look at some of the services we offer here to different companies in out ‘What We Offer’ section and get in touch!

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