Building Websites For Woodingdean

Building Websites for Woodingdean.

At Build14Me we are right proud to be part of our local community. We are based in Woodingdean which Wikepedia describes as being ‘an eastern suburb of the city of Brighton and Hove East Sussex, separated from the main part of the city by downland and the Brighton Racecourse’.

Woodingdean has a population of around 10,000 people and a pretty thriving business community. We are based on Warren Road which seems to act as a thoroughfare taking commuters, holiday makers and schools traffic from (East) Brighton towards the A27 and Lewes, London and Worthing. There are a number of businesses along our ‘stretch’ including a mobility shop, a newsagent, a burger bar, a couple of estate agents, a t-shirt embroidery business, Johny’s Wares , Paws with a cause, a hairdresser, a funeral parlour,  a blind shop, a carpet shop and the obligatory Tesco Express and local pub. And just a street or so away there is property maintenance company NP DechaineOak Cottage Nursery is opposite (on the South side of Warren Road).


We are lucky enough to work with a number of local businesses. Having a number of clients that we can walk to seems to be really unusual and we only remember how grand it is when we are sitting on a delayed train into Victoria stressing about being late for a London client meeting. But it is not just Build14Me that integrates us into the local community – it is also that we run a local listings site - that we set up to raise money for the Martlets Hospice in Hove. We run the site as part of our on-going commitment to the community we work in. It is not a flashy site and it is not meant to be – but we do get over 1,000 visitors a month and we use the site to trial new SEO techniques and give experience to new members of our team or to interns/students who come to us for work experience.

This July (2015) we are also running a workshop for local businesses ‘Social Media and Local SEO ’. We have a pretty small meeting room and have sold out all the 10 spaces (with 2 people in reserve just in case we get any cancellations) – but are hoping that we can make workshops a regular thing.


If you want to work with a responsive web design company that really cares about the community it works in – then Build14me is just that. To find out more about our services visit call 01273 670 100 or e-mail

Oh and if you ever need to talk to the aptly named ‘Mrs Woodingdean’ about an event, company or charity in Woodingdean contact

Ben Macdonald