The Mum and Working Academy 2016

The team at Mum and Working have been running successful awards for a number of years, and build14me have been involved as sponsors for two years. The awards recognise ‘amazing individuals, inspiring employers & the many advantages of flexible, family-friendly employment’

This year (2016) for the first time they ran the Mum and Working Academy before the awards event. The academy was an opportunity for business owners, managers and franchisees to ‘join a wealth of like- minded business parents and supporters keen to grow their business, stay ones step ahead, make the right connections and harness the tools and contacts to succeed’.

NatWest hosted the event in central London and over 200 businesses and business supporters attended the academy.

The Presentation


Build14me presented our 42 DIY SEO tips for small businesses but we did it in a record 25 minutes. We usually run the workshop over 2 hours so have the chance to show people how to make the changes we are recommending, show examples of how the changes actually benefit their business and talk about how to put right wrongs. In 25 minutes we were able to give lots of ideas, lots of advice and hopefully gave everyone in the room some really valuable takeaways.

On the day of the academy Ben was feeling very unwell but with the help of a variety of prescription drugs managed to come along and play his vital role…


What they said...

On the website, as well as giving an excellent overview of the day – they said …

‘There was an excellent session called 42 great SEO tips for small businesses, they focused on how good the search engine optimisation was really about helping users find what they want rather than tricking Google. My key takeaway from this was to think about what people might be googling and use those phrases to make my posts easier to find.’ (sic)

And the organisers of the Mum and Working Academy said:

"We loved your presentation - content was fabulous and the '2-person' delivery was a nice change - I liked the exchanges - I think your co-presenter was suffering… but that didn't detract from the 'nuggety content'".

Award Winners

As a final note, we would like to congratulate winners of the ‘Start Up Business of the Year’ award that Build14me were delighted to sponsor

Winner: Sweetpea Pantry


Highly Commended: Bilinguasing



Want to know more about us and our services?

Did you see us at the Mum and Working Aacdemy and would like to know more about us and what we do? Here is a bit more information about our SEO Services that we provide. If you have any queries about SEO and need more information about how your website can be improved, please get in touch with us! We are always happy to help.

Ben Macdonald