The Best Small Business Websites

At Build 14me we are often asked about the best small business websites and so we asked Google to help us put together a comprehensive list of sites hailed as being ‘the best small business websites’.  These are the results:

1)  The Web awards website awarded the 2014 accolade to and you know what we think this is pretty great too. Lots of cute little touches - great personality and an amazing client list . Wow – this almost blew us away. As an almost competitor we didn’t really want to like this site – but you know what, we loved it.


2) In 2013 the same awards were won by which seemed to take a crazy amount of time to load but was fun too. Definitely worth a peek.

3) In 2011 (back in the dark ages in digital terms) 'Mashable' (link gave us a list of ‘6 excellent small business websites to learn from’ and hailed the following sites as being the best:

  • -  they said (in 2011) that the company website showcases ‘a sleek yet simple interface complete with homey icons, reminiscent of the company’s community feel’
  •  - which is certainly a tidy little site with lots of neat little gizmos to make coffee buying a whole lot of fun
  • And lastly (because although they originally had 6 sites listed only 3 of them are still doing the same thing that they were in 2011) - -  they said ‘The search widget is front and centre when users arrive on the homepage. Putting the core service in the spotlight increase the likelihood that site visitors will give it a try’.

4) select a website every day that they consider to be worthy of a place in their gallery – the awards focus on creativity more than anything else – and there are some really smashing sites… some of our favourites are below:

  •  Danish company 'Stupid Studio' lovely typography and great images – and we love the words ‘… we also like to have fun along the way – it simply enhances the work we do together. Your first talk with us is always free and includes a decent coffee..’ Actually at Build14me we do a decent coffee too (or tea if you’d rather)
  • Australian advertising agency 'The Monkeys' have a site that makes you want to pack your bags and go and work with them…   some very cute little gizmo’s that bring a lovely sense of fun to the fore.
  • And lastly (because we have more to see before the night is out) is – I personally don’t like the way they try to get details straight away …. But I am an old sceptic at heart  .. but I do love the full 360 image of each of the strollers…and that you can make up your own Bugaboo in your own colourways and even add your own accessories – but then I guess at over a $1,000 each You expect something pretty special.

5) The website of the year2014 site ( doesn’t actually give an award to the small business website of the year – but hey ho… next.

6) Marketing Hubspot also gave us ’15 best examples of website homepage design’ and from these we have selected the two below:

  • as a site that although not strictly a small business is an individuals site that is ‘simple and straight to the point’
  • (although the link on the hubspot feature doesn’t actually work) Is a great website that shows the 6 product offers clearly and communicates the non-stuffy attitude of the company.  It all feels like Telerik will be a relaxed and easy company to work with and that you as a customer will be supported through the purchasing and installing process.

7) And lastly we visited they give ‘Examples of Small Business Websites’ – their aim? To inspire people who are at the beginning of their small business website development. We wholeheartedly agree that looking at other people’s sites can help small businesses develop their own creative ideas … so go for it. Webs have a different approach to talking about sites – with a range of headings that showcase sites with strong elements within them. Webs is a website building services – so obviously they have selected sites built on their platform – but fair play to them – they have put in the time to look at what their customers are doing and giving others a chance to learn from them.

We particularly liked:

- for its simple site that does and says all that it needs to – the images are engaging and the facts and information are where you need them to be. Simple – easy to update and manage – not perfect but actually rather nice.

- And - very clear – great images and clear signposts to social media.

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Ben Macdonald