Search Engines Rank Pages, Not Websites

Build14Me 42 Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Takeaways


These features are based on a talk Build14me gave at the Mum and Working academy in October 2016.

The slide that this post is based on said ‘Search engines rank web pages, not websites’- and below we show a behind the scenes test of this statement.

The Basics - How Google and search engine's operate

If we start with a couple of basics here, firstly Google intends to create a level playing field so every business no matter how big or small, new or old has the same opportunity to be found on the same Google results page. Secondly this is not necessarily the reality, sites that rank top are usually paying for that ranking. They may be paying very obviously through Google adwords or by using an SEO agency or they may be spending time doing this themselves.

Whichever route you take what you do need to ensure that every page on your website is contributing to the overall success of your site as a business generating tool.

How a single page can rank for a specific keyword...

To illustrate how a single page can become powerful for a single keyword Build14me decided to create a test. The test was simple – could we create a page with a specific and desirable search term that was not our key area of business but not completely irrelevant.
We are a SEO company based just outside Brighton, so decided on a ‘Brighton’ term and chose ‘what county is Brighton in?’

**We have since moved this blog post elsewhere, but the points are still valid!**

Which has around 6,000 searches a month. We created a blog feature - What County is Brighton in? -  that answers the question more fully than other sites.

Why we think this page ranks top of Google

- The content is actually pretty sound – it may not be the most beautiful page in the world but it does specifically answer the question/search term
- The images are all relevant to Brighton and optimised – so they confirm location, size and what the image shows
- There are a number of trustworthy links
- The feature is about Brighton and we are based in Brighton
- The average amount of time spent on the site is 2 minutes so Google can see that when people find this page – they read the content

Within two weeks the page was top of Google for the search term -  ‘What county is Brighton in’

So we can conclude that an optimised page that addresses one specific question/search term is being ranked by Google for that term.

Thanks for reading our ‘behind the scenes’ feature to support our Build 14 Me 42 Search engine optimisation takeaways.

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