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2014 SEO: Hummingbird – Google’s new algorithm!

SEO is an ever changing world of techniques, rules and even codes that requires a lot of time and effort to not only perfect, but then stay on top of too!

Here at Build14me we enjoy the process of SEO because it’s like an on-going game. A very serious game when it involves work for our clients, which we do take very seriously, but who says you can’t be serious without having some fun at the same time?

Ranking well in Google is like a game of football where the goal posts move every 2 seconds! You may have that perfect moment when you have just enough time to strike and score, however in order to achieve the same results you have to stay aware of the next move. You can’t simply aim where you last had success and expect to score all over again simply because you followed ‘a winning formula’. The ‘game’ is not about the shooting, or even scoring, It’s about staying one step and realising that there never is, was or will be a winning formula, only the optimal approach for that point in time, a big part of that is simply being aware of the changes around you.

The good news is that there is a whole team of people online, all playing the same illogical ball game and all talking/blogging and sharing information on how the goal posts are moving and how to pre-empt their next spot. The purpose of this blog is to do just that. While SEO is very competitive in nature there is a friendly community of online SEO’ers helping each other stay on top.

One of our favourite online contributor’s is Tom Schmitz from Search Engine Land. He alone has written some invaluable articles on the topic of SEO.

Tom’s latest three post’s have been particularly useful. They break down a 2014 guide to:

1) Google Hummingbird: A new algorithm for Keyword relevance and Link building.
2) On-page factors: Content, HTML, and Architecture.
3) Off-page factors: Inbound links and Social media.

If you are at all interested (as we are) in playing the game right then we would strongly suggest taking a few minutes to read through each of these article’s.

The information on Google Humminbird is particularly crucial as it’s potentially a massive curve ball in how keywords and content play a part in Google rankings. Tom describes Hummingbird as a sort of ‘spring clean’ of their collection of formula’s that make up their (ever changing) algorithm. With this in mind it is essentially Google ‘laying the groundwork for future imrovements’ and as mentioned in the article – ‘assume that anytime a Google spokesperson reveals something about their algorithm or suggests a best practice, it’s done with an agenda in mind‘. The goal posts are moving again!

Part two delves into the topic of content and HTML. Breaking it down into each element to consider, especially after the Hummingbird update. There is a great balance of recurring SEO practices and new techniques for content, given that the new algorithm is leaning towards topics over keywords.

To round it all off, the last article feature’s a part of SEO that a lot of people tend to under value but is clearly becoming more important… Social media’s (gradually growing) influence on rankings as well as the quality, quantity and source of your links.

Below is an excerpt from the conclusion of all 3 article’s:

‘Search Engine Optimisation is no longer about technical tricks designed to outwit Google and Bing. It is about building an audience, earning trust and publishing genuinely useful information that people want to consume’

This is the fun part, This is the game we love playing at Build14me, The rule’s will change and we know that, We’re ready, even more so after article’s like these.

We would like to thank Tom for taking the time to write these article’s and hope that you may have found them as useful as we have.

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