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In continuation from our post last month, we have rounded up all the links and postings that we have sent out in the past month. They contain many useful information and tips, regarding responsive web design, SEO, digital marketing and general web development. We post links that we enjoy and benefit from, so hopefully you do too! 

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3 key steps to help you in the local SEO game:


How voice search and Google ‘Direct Answers’ are shaping SEO as we know it:


Not sure what colour’s you should use on your website? This cool app will help you out:


Why link building never ends with your digital marketing efforts:


Different methods to publish content to help boost your local SEO efforts:


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Want to be visible locally? 6 ways on how to get your Local search (SEO) started:


Recent useful and entertaining facts about digital marketing recently:


How the Google/Twitter relationship will work and what this means in the future for searching:


If you are stuck for ideas on writing great content, the story your looking for could be under your nose. Turn your data into a great story:


Some really good digital marketing tools that will help out your efforts:


The 2015 periodic table of SEO success factors:


Key elements required for an integrated digital marketing plan:


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The way we search and find apps may be shaken up soon. SEO will be required for apps too:


Embracing emptiness in web design: Building an eye-catching site with structured white space:


Leveraging brand mentions for marketing & links – how can you use brand mentions online to benefit your company:


Latest trends in the web design world:


Tips on how to optimise your blog post’s for SEO:


How ‘cards’ are becoming popular in web design and help for a site to be responsive:


What should your SEO strategy be in 2015:


What makes for a good ‘User Experience’ on a website and why is this necessary?


That is all the links for the month of June that we posted out.

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