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Build14me provides SEO services, digital marketing, social media management and PPC management. We provide specialist local and national services that help drive traffic to our clients' sites.

What is SEO?

That is a big question. You have probably come across the term SEO and have a base understanding of it. But just in case you don't, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of increasing quantity and quality of traffic to your website, from organic search results. In other words, getting the correct people to find the services/products that they are specifically looking for and finding the most relevant website for their search query.

This is where you need your website to appear. To the most relevant person searching your offering at any given time. So, how can we help you achieve this?

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SEO Audit

We offer different types of SEO audits. But a full SEO audit will abide by our ASSET approach, which can be seen below. We look at onsite SEO factors (Architecture), social media efforts (Social signals), the content on the website (Storytelling), Offsite SEO factors (Enrolment) Link building (Tie-in). Basically looking at a businesses full digital presence.

We speak to the client to find out a little bit about the business and it's offerings so that we can get a picture of what the website and the online presence is trying to achieve. We then conduct the audit around this.

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SEO Recommendations

Quite often clients just need to be pushed in the right direction when it comes to SEO. So we do an audit of the website and digital practices and meet with them to discuss how they can carry out practices and issues that may have arisen in the audit, so that they can then implement the changes themselves.

This also shows how the SEO practices can be best used in the future when it comes to their website and digital presence.

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SEO Implementation

When we have conducted a thorough SEO audit of the clients website and digital efforts, they may not have the time or technical knowledge to implement some changes themselves. This is where we can help, by implementing all the suggestions that we have found from the audit and carry them out themselves.

We are upfront on the amount of time that this will take to implement, so that the client has the final decision if we are to carry out the implementation of the changes.

Our ASSET Approach

We use our ASSET approach, specially developed to take care of every aspect of organic search, to increase your rankings and to increase your profits.

We see ourselves as SEO evangelists, providing a range of free workshops and seminars that help companies, charities and public sector organisations to increase their (relevant) traffic.

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Why use Build14me for SEO?

Well if the nice things people have said about us haven't persuaded you that you should give us a try then we are not sure what we can add… but we'll give it a go.

We'd like to think that we are one of the best SEO companies in Brighton to work with… we take a holistic approach to SEO , we don't take short cuts, we keep abreast of all Google developments and organically improve your rankings. The great thing is that everything we do is yours for life we won't suddenly remove you from our 'link building' sites – because we don't have them. We don't use gimmicks, though we do use a small knitted chick to illustrate a point now and again. We use our experience, understanding, and expertise to tell other people about yours.

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We love SEO and we are really good at it but we can't promise to get you onto the first page of Google for every one of your desired terms. We don't appear top of Google for many SEO related searches – we haven't been around that long and sadly loads of other sites have nabbed the top spots, but one by one we are climbing the right ladders.

If you'd like us to look at your SEO we will usually suggest that we do an initial audit so we all get a good idea of where you currently sit, who your competitors are and what 'housekeeping' issues we need to resolve before we start making recommendations.

Anyhow why not give Ben or Jo a call on 01273 670 100 or e-mail to find out how we can help your business start its SEO adventure?

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It was absolutely brilliant - really clear and easy to follow. Jo and Ben communicate these things a whole lot better than anyone who I've spoken to in the past.

Joanna - Nutley's Kitchen Gardens

Thank you for the excellent SEO workshop today, which was both entertaining and useful. I came away with so much more helpful information and tips than I was expecting.

Michelle Pauli

Ben & Jo provide an excellent service. In depth consultations, great suggestions and expert analysis on how to improve my website's SEO. If you are in need of assistance getting your website optimised I can strongly recommend Build14me.

Neil Macaninch

I attended their 'Content is King' workshop a couple of weeks ago which covered how choosing the right content can improve your google search position. After checking where my site was currently (4th page on a google search), I set about refreshing the content using the tips they had shared. Lo and behold, less than a week later I am now on the first page! Brilliant result! Thank you both so much for sharing your knowledge and experience!

Heather Borland