Why Choose Us

You may visit us and question "Why would I want to have these guys to build my business a website? What do they know?"

Well, truth be told, we don't know everything! But we do know:

  • The difference between a well built and search friendly website and a 'web presence'.
  • That our Timberwolf platform has been built to make it easy for our clients, whatever their 'technical knowledge' to update and change messages on their website
  • That our websites not only look great but will also help you be visible in search engines.
  • That the websites we build will represent your brand to your clients, potential clients, partners and suppliers in the way that you want.
  • That our team are great to work with and can help you along every step of the way (if you need us to).
  • That our team are great to work with and once given a sensible brief can pretty much build whatever you need.

We provide a flexible service meaning we can build your website from scratch, finish one you have started or update and make responsive your current site.

Works on all devices

How do we make sure that we consistently turn out great websites and have happy clients? Well, the device/robot/spaceship that makes this all possible is something that we are quite proud of. 'Timberwolf', a bespoke content management system (CMS) that we have designed and built in house to provide our clients with easy to manage, search engine friendly, responsive websites.

FAQ's about Build14me

No…. Build14me do not specialise in building wordpress sites. We use our own bespoke platform 'Timberwolf' to build our sites. If you are looking for a wordpress site use a wordpress specialist

No the Timberwolf platform is not available as a platform other than through Build14me (at the moment)

Then talk to us – if we think that other people could benefit from the module you would like we may add it to our developer list and will alert you when the module is ready for testing

Timberwolf site won't cost any more to host than any other site.. but depending on your specific requirements we can recommend hosting that will suit your needs and budgets. If you require it (and don't already have a host you are happy with) we will host your site free for the first year (including development time)

Not at all – you can host with whoever you like. We can provide you with basic technical requirements and as long as you check that your host can support the requirements you can move the hosting at any time. We have sites hosted on a range of hosts from VPS's to off the shelf hosting solutions and everything in between

Yes we can. If your site does not work on a mobile phone we can recreate your site using our Timberwolf platform and it will look and function in the same way but work on mobile phones too… how cool is that?

Then you call us or drop us an email and we will come back to you as quickly as possible with the information you need.

We can work with you to ensure that your copy is as search engine friendly as possible without compromising the quality of your key messages but Search Engine Optimisation is an on-going process and will need to be paid for to ensure you have the best opportunity of ranking as high as possible. Talk to our team about this

You can call us on 01273 670100,
You can pop in (ideally let us know so we can get the kettle on) to: Build14me, 58 Warren Road, Woodingdean, Brighton BN2 6BA - Directions
You can email [email protected]
You can connect with us on facebook https://www.facebook.com/Build14me
You can follow us on Twitter @build14me

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A friend of mine recommended Build14me.com when I needed to update my website. I was very impressed with them. They spent a lot of time early on discussing exactly what I wanted and then they went away and built it. They also offered great suggestions as to how I could improve it further. They are very flexible, easy to work with, fast, professional and good value. I highly recommend them if you are looking to update your site or build one from scratch.

Claire Carpenter

I've struggled for a long time to have a viable web presence as a Personal Trainer and have tried various free and paid-for services. Build14me were great at taking my problem (how to effectively 'sell' myself to potential clients and support existing ones) and turning it into a solution. They worked really quickly and at every stage were completely open to my ideas while also suggesting ways forward. With minimal effort from my part, I've now got a beautiful looking professional website (kianpt.co.uk) which my clients really like. And I now feel confident sharing it with enquirers as a way of converting them to clients.


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