Our Culture


We are truly fascinated and constantly in awe of how quickly the digital world is transforming the things your customers expect, need and want from a website. To continue delivering the best possible service for our clients we are constantly learning about and innovating in the digital space. Its scary, its exciting and we love it!

Our name was devised from a range of conversations we had where people would say 'Hey you build websites don't you? Would you Build one for me?’ And we thought, 'Hey that's a grand idea , we can use our 25 years of marketing experience to create websites that work' - so that's what we do. Yes our sites look good, and yes they are technically pretty pukka and of course they are built to be updated by our clients yadda yadda yadda - But most importantly - They work. They engage with people, they can be found on search engines and our clients are happy. Because they are happy, they introduce us to other people who want our services too... So the only downside is that our own site often gets slightly neglected.. so if you can't find what you want to know about us on this site - please do give us a call. 01273 670100.


What We Do


We offer different services at Build14me, you can find out more about these on our pages about Web Design and Development, SEO and Social Media. But our general process across each service stay's the same. 

This is the way we work with you:

  • Communicate: We believe it is vitally important to find out as much about the business/individual that we are working with. So when we initially meet, we talk about your company, your values, your ambitions and what you want your digital presence to do for you. At this stage it is really important to have a clear and honest conversation, not leaving anything important out.
  • Specifications and Design: Our next challenge is to put together a short proposal that supports your business objectives and will appeal to your target audience. We look at the the technical requirements and design elements we would implement to ensure that your digital presence is visible, relevant and compelling. And work with you to come up with creative ideas and brain storm together to create a fantastic plan.
  • Development: Throughout the delivering of our services to you we will keep in regular contact, allowing you to have an input at each step of the process and allowing everything to come together exactly as you imagined. We make sure to stay within the agreed time frame, without compromising the quality of our services
  • Final Checks and Sign off: Once completed we will ensure that all the work that was initially agreed upon has been completed and allow you to fully and thoroughly explore what we have created. We will show you how to add content 
  • Launch: Following the final sign off process, we will help launch your offering in to the world. We can create and implement an explosive launch campaign for you or we can help guide you through a soft launch.
  • At Build14me we have a solutions based culture - we like to fix things and nothing inspires us more than seeing our digital children start to fly!

Meet The Team


We work with a variety of different designers across our projects. But the internal team members are Build14me. Meet them below:


Hamish Page


Hamish has proven himself to be a great web developer and is an excellent problem solver. He is working with our lead developer Tim on our bespoke content management system Timberwolf. He has developed countless, exquisite sites on our CMS Timber wolf as well as creating a number of top performing sites using Magento and Square Space. 


Ben Macdonald

Website Traffic Generator

Ben is our website traffic generator. He is an expert in optimising websites for relevant search terms. Ben helped developed B14me's ASSET approach to SEO and as well as managing social media for clients and optimising websites he also runs regular workshops to help businesses understand how to improve their rankings locally, nationally and within their sector.

Ben has a meticulous eye for SEO detail and understands that SEO is not about getting any one thing right. It is about getting lots of things right all the time. 


Jo Weatherall

Managing Director

Jo has a background in marketing and communications and is always ready to pass on her knowledge and experience to make sure that Build14me clients hit the internet running. She has worked on projects for local government, corporates, local businesses, SME's and charities.

Her mantra (if pushed) would be 'Stay engaged and remain curious about the world'.


Louis Wren

Digital Marketing Executive

Louis is our digital marketing executive, he uses his experience and knowledge of digital media to craft online campaigns for our clients. Specialising in Social Media Marketing he works with our clients to design and implement a comprehensive plan for their business, ensuring that we help them reach their marketing objectives across all digital platforms.

Our in-house team isn't big (but it is clever) We use a whole host of other talent too. People who create beautiful websites and write beautiful words. People who help us review and research our client's and their competitors and people who can add moving pictures/animations. We know we could not do what we do without them - they are our extended family. 

Want to find out more about what we do? Then please do get in touch! Call us on 01273 670 100 or you can send us a message on the contact form below:

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