ASSET - Approach to Local SEO and Social Media

Build14me have a secret weapon when it comes to looking at your local SEO and social media ASSET.

Using our years of experience in developing websites and our success in using social media and local search to define our own businesses and websites we have developed the ASSET programme. A way of making sure that your turn your website into a genuine asset and not a drain.

So what is ASSET?

ASSET stands for

  • Architecture
  • Social Signals
  • Story Telling
  • Enrolment
  • Tie In

Architecture – is about making sure that your website is fit for search engine scrutiny. That your site is built with well written code and is responsive, you have speedy loading times, your headers, links, descriptions and titles are all optimised and that your content is relevant and interesting.

Social signals – is about how you use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and Pintereset to drive traffic to your site and help communicate your personality to people who haven't met you (yet).

Story Telling – is all about content and making sure that you are generous with the information you share and that you are creating copy that is interesting and relevant to the people who matter to you.

Enrolment – is about joining local and national online directories to make sure that your company can be found by the people looking for services like yours.

Tie in – is about getting valuable links to and from your website and creating an authority around what you do… and then getting your services endorsed by your customers.

If you work your ASSETs then your website will be found by the right people – customers!

Asset Workshops

Our next workshop is on September 8 2016, named DIY SEO as part of Wired Sussex's Open Studios which is part of the Brighton Digital Festival 2016.

DIY SEO - Build14me - seo workshops in brighton

The event is already fully booked. But please keep an eye on here and our social media channel's for upcoming workshop's. We will be holding more this year, so stay tuned!

We received great feedback from attendants from previous workshops, such as:

"@Build14me Thank you for an informative and helpful session on #SEO #Woodingdeanlocal"

"Thank you @Build14me for a fascinating SEO and local search sessio... Loads to think about to build visibility in #brihgton & #woodingdean"

"Went to a very interesting and informative workshow on how to use social media. Ben was very patient and explained things clealy for us. If you have any questions regarding social media these are the guys to go and ask! Thank you"

"An informative and relaxed workshop where everyone was put at ease with lots of really useful tips"

“An excellent presentation, geared to help local businesses get an edge on the competition. There was a lot to learn and I would guess we would all go back for a refresher course in six months, to catch up on items learnt and keep abreast of new changes and shortcuts. It seems the topic is vast and changing very fast."

If you would like to know more about how we can help you make the most of your ASSETS talk to us 01273 670 100 or e-mail [email protected]

If you would like us to keep you informed when we are running our next Workshop … 'Checking out your ASSET's' then register your interest here. We promise not to bombard you with irrelevant information and sales blurb.