What we offer

We offer an array of services through Build14me. We are primarily a web design and web development agency, but the additional package and services that we offer help to create the perfect website for you and your business.

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Who do we offer our services to?

We have an excellent portfolio of individual and sole trader websites built to a range of budgets, depending on requirements. Check out our page for websites of: Individuals and Sole Traders

We have provided our services to a range of SME's businesses, where we have built websites from scratch to redesigning existing websites. See our page for: Small business websites

We have supplied our services to charities in many shapes and forms. We have designed and built websites for different charities. If you are a charity looking for our services, check out our page for: Charities

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Web design and web development

We have designed an built a range of different sized websites, which you can see in out Portfolio section. But essentially, this is what we offer:

Web Design

We can design a website and brand from the beginning, with the help of our designers. We will talk through the needs and goals of your website and design around these, so that the website will be effective for it's purpose.

Web Development

We have our own CMS system which we build our websites on, which allow for responsive websites that can be easily updated by all users. We also create websites on other platforms, depending on the need of the user/business.

Website Redesign

We can also redesign your current website and build it on our Timberwolf CMS platform, or redo it on the current system it is on.

See our Website Design Page, for more information.

Build14me Search

If you want your customers and potential customers to find you – you can talk to Build14me Search. We provide specialist services to help your company to rise up the search engine rankings. We do not make rash promises about you appearing on the first page of Google on day 1, but we will make sure that each and every aspect of your site is built, written and designed to help you be as visible as possible.

Check out our dedicated Build14me Search page: Build14me Search

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To help secure your place in search engine rankings and on social media we run workshops based on your website ASSETs. Your ASSETs are your:

  • Architecture
  • Social Signals
  • Story Telling
  • Enrolment
  • Tie In

Using our years of experience in developing websites and our success in using social media and local search to define our own businesses and websites we have developed the ASSET programme. A way of making sure that your turn your website into a genuine asset and not a drain.

See more about our ASSET workshops and what they include here: ASSET