Website & Social Media Packages

Build14me provide website & social media packages for businesses that want an on-going, active online presence.

The flexible website and social media package can include:

Website Build or Website Optimisation

Website build – up to four pages from images and content supplied. All content and images will be optimised to help improve site ranking. The site will be built using our easy to use and bespoke content management system 'Timberwolf'. For the techies, Timberwolf is a bootstrap and laraval based CMS system.
Website optimisation – we ensure that all the SEO basics within the architecture your site (whatever platform it has been built on) are right and the content relevant to maximise your opportunity of being found. Optimisation is carried out taking into account your expertise and the terms that your target audience is using to find products and services like yours

Facebook management – Build14me can manage your company facebook page.

  • We will put together content based campaigns that reflect your company brand and engage and inspire your likes to take further actions and actively engage with you.
  • We can manage your page to; increase 'likes' and your likeability
  • increase the interaction between your company and your followers
  • make yourself available to your customers
  • direct users to your site to find out more about the stuff you have written about – or the stuff you sell
  • inform followers about your products and services – give them insights that they may not find elsewhere
  • develop promotional offers and competitions to encourage your likes to try something new and have the chance to win your products or services.
  • Show yourself as relevant, responsive and 'human'
  • And ultimately increase sales
  • We can also advise on Facebook paid-for ads to ensure that you spend your budget wisely

Example Campaign

  • Over a 12 days of Christmas competition campaign we increased the amount of likes our client had by 267%
  • The organic reach increased by 3,000% on the previous period during the campaign
  • 10% of people who saw the campaign interacted with it

Twitter management – Build14me can manage your company twitter account using a mix of scheduled and not scheduled tweets.

  • We can manage your twitter account to; Increase your followers and increase the amount of (relevant) people/organisations you follow
  • Manage your direct messages and comment/share interesting relevant content – become an account that people choose to follow
  • Direct users to your site to read more about the stuff you have written about
  • Let followers talk to you about the things that matter to them
  • Let other industry influencers see that you are engaged with your audiences and offer real value to your sector.
  • Let your followers see that you are available to them
  • Increase your likability
  • And ultimately increase sales

Example Twitter Campaign

Over a 14 day campaign on a fairly inactive account, we managed:
  • A total reach of 27,432 impressions
  • The total number of engagements was 726
  • The overall engagement rate was 38%

Linkedin management – Build14me can manage your linkedin company page

We can do all the things we have mentioned above – but more than this we can interact with other businesses and people that are important to your business sector. We can utilise the networking opportunities that Linkedin provides and ultimately help you increase sales.

Google My Business – Build14me can manage your Google my business account

We can do all the things we have mentioned above – but mostly we will make sure that your account is up to date and reflecting your online voice, adding content, advice and images that help Google (and the world) understand what your business is all about.

Google Analytics and Google webmaster tools.

Well okay, Google analytics is not strictly 'Social media' but without Google analytics and Google webmaster tools it would be very difficult to get a real understanding of what, amongst your social media mix, is working … so Build14me will manage this for you too.

To find out more about our website & social media packages for business and to get an idea of costs – please call 01273 670100 or e-mail [email protected]