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How we built Un-Networking's website

The Un-Networking Salon required a simple website that would be able to show their services.

The Client

The Un-Networking Salon is a network group in Brighton, which is actually about 'not networking'. It is more about enjoying the process of meeting potential business partners without it actually being about networking.

The Requirement

What they needed was a simple one page site that would advertise their offering and portray the brand colours.

The Outcome

After designing and creating the content, we started developing the website. We made a simple one page design that shows the service provided and quotations from past attendees. It also provides address and contact details for people to get in touch. It also links through to the social media accounts of the The Un-Networking Salon. The website showcases the branding of the Un-Networking salon throught the page.

See the website: Un-Networking.co.uk

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