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Cycle Beyond

How we built Cycle Beyond's website

Cycle Beyond required a website that would be able to showcase their charity and be responsive to work across all devices.

The Client

Cycle Beyond is a charity that raises funds through Cycling long distances. In May 2016, they cycled from Brighton to Paris raising funds for the Blind Veterans. The ride took 3 days to complete. They plan to do more rides in the future.


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The Requirement

When Cycle Beyond came to us, they required a website that would show what they do as a charity and be able to update the website themselves, as they regularly blog different riders stories. They also needed for the website to work across different browsers and devices, as people would be accessing the websites through different methods.

The Outcome

After a series of meetings, we started to develop the Cycle Beyond website. We built the website on our TImberwolf CMS, so that it would be responsive and work across different devices. It also allows for multiple logins to the system, with different permissions, so that riders can tell their story on the blog section of the website.

See the website at:

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