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How we built Claire Carpenter's website

How we built Claire Carpenter's website

Claire Carpenter is a public speaker and speaking coach. Her speciality is helping people of all ages to overcome their fear and deliver powerful and persuasive presentations. Clients have delivered speeches in the House of Lords and the European Business School after her coaching.

Claire needed a website to be able to offer her services to potential new customers. She needed an easy to use and responsive web design system, so that it could showcase her services and provide a simple way for people to get in contact.

We created her website with our Timberwolf CMS (Content Management System). It allowed for a responsive web design and for the website to run smoothly and coherently.

Testimonial from : "A friend of mine recommended Build14me when I needed to update my website. I was very impressed with them. They spent a lot of time early on discussing exactly what I wanted and then they went away and built it. They also offered great suggestions as to how I could improve it further. They are very flexible, easy to work with, fast, professional and good value. I highly recommend them if you are looking to update your site or build one from scratch."


As Claire has a lot of testimonials from existing clients, the website allows for each testimonial to display on a rotating carousel. This is effective in showing potential customers feedback from existing clients to help promote Claire's services. The website allows for each of Claire's services to be displayed and it is easy to navigate around the website to find each specific page

Testimonial Carousel: The testimonials operate on a rotating carousel, which change automatically, showcasing different testimonials without the need to click.

Daily words database: The daily words of wisdom are stored in a database and show newly listed words of wisdom when they are available, creating unique content for users when they visit the website. A great feature to encourage users to come back to the site.

Email signup: This feature allows for visitors to signup to Claire's mailing list, but also to receive a download of top 10 tips of do's and don'ts for presentations. It gives the visitor something in return for signing up with valuable information. The visitor receives an email with the option to download these documents. This is set up through the email provider and the website.

A professional tone is used throughout the site, which portrays Claire herself and the services that she provides.

For more details on Claire Carpenter's services and to visit her website, please visit

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