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Charlotte Burton

How we built Charlotte Burton's website

Charlotte Burton offers Business and management advice. Charlotte and the team concentrate on the areas of a clients business that are not working as effectively as they could and look at how improvements can be made.

Charlotte needed a website which could introduce herself to potential clients and her services. She needed a simple easy to use responsive web design, to professionally showcase everything that the business has to offer, as well as detailing contact information for customers to get in touch.

Being a web design agency in Woodingdean, we were closely located near to Charlotte. This meant that we could easily communicate with her and get the web site planned and developed fairly quickly. We built her a website using HTML, which enabled us to create a professional looking website that portrayed the image of Charlotte's business. It's a very simple, yet effective web design and serves its purpose of detailing the services of Charlotte, whilst displaying contact information throughout.

It allows for the social media to be embedded on the website, so that people can visit Charlotte's LinkedIn page to find out more about her. And she has her own email running throughout, specific to the website.

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