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How we built Bramble People's website

How we built Bramble People's website:

Bramble People is an IT recruitment company for IT professionals in the public sector.

Working closely with Frank! Communication Solutions, Build14Me built Bramble People a website that has a full content management system which means they can update the content on every page themselves .On the homepage there are two RSS feeds that pull relevant information from Bramble People's blog and from BBC Business News. The website is responsive and includes an online registration form that enables job-seekers to upload their CV.

Build14Me also provided Bramble People with a social media workshop that included information on how to use social media platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.

"Just love it! Well done!" - David East - Resource Director at Bramble People.


To keep the website professional, whilst displaying the Bramble People branding throughout, it needed to have particular features which would help keep visitors to the page engaged. On the homepage, it has a carousel portraying different quotes and images on the far right handside of the home page which can be associated with the 'People' brand of Bramble. The website is fully embedded with functional social media platforms and has the ability for contact forms for customers to be contacted by Bramble People employees. The web design also allows for customers to upload their CV and contact details, so that they can be registered on the database for potential job roles. Please see some of the key features below:

Quote Carousel: The quotes operate on a rotating carousel, which change automatically, showcasing different quotes and pictures without the need to click. The quotes and pictures are stored on a database, so that when more are uploaded, they will automatically continue to display.

Register with us: The 'register with us' function on the site, enables for customers to leave their details and submit them to the site, which enables Bramble People employees to respond. When a customer has submitted their details and CV, an email will be sent to the Bramble People email address automatically.

Latest Vacancies: The latest vacancies page allows for the latest jobs to be applied to the website, with details of location, salary and expiry date etc. When the vacancy has expired, it will automatically be removed visibly from the website.

As a website, it definitely serves it's purpose in portraying the brand and serving as a platform for users to find out information about the company and to get in contact with ease. As it is essentially a recruiting website, it allows for job vacancies to be posted and for users to submit their relevant details and a CV, to be considered for future roles.

For more details on Bramble People's services and to visit their website, please visit:

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