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How we built Bramble Accelerator's website

How we built Bramble Accelerator's website:

Bramble Accelerator help their customers trade with UK Government. Whether it is new entrant's to the UK public sector or established player's in the sector, their experts are always on hand to help.

They required a responsive web design system, where their customers could access their services, view how they operate and view existing customer relationships. The website provides Bramble Accelerator the chance to introduce themselves to their sector and potential clients.

The website itself was built using our new Timberwolf CMS (Content Management System). The site functions smoothly and professionally, whilst portraying the Bramble Accelerator branding throughout. The website is easy to navigate around, ensuring that the user can find their way easily through each page.

The image theme and colour theme is coherent throughout, maintaining the professional element associated with the Bramble Accelerator brand.

The website itself is fully functional for people to get in contact or alternatively to request a phone call from an expert, using an onsite contact form. It is fully linked the brand's social media platforms, allowing users to connect with Bramble Accelerator in different ways.


To keep the website professional, whilst displaying the Bramble Accelerator branding throughout, it needed to have particular features which would help keep visitors to the page engaged. On the homepage, it has a carousel portraying different quotes and images which can be associated with the 'Accelerator' brand of Bramble. The website is fully embedded with functional social media platforms and has the ability for contact forms for customers to be contacted by Bramble Accelerator employees. Please see some of the key features below:

Quote Carousel: The quotes operate on a rotating carousel, which change automatically, showcasing different quotes and pictures without the need to click.

Register with us: The 'register with us' function on the site, enables for customers to leave their details and submit them to the site, which enables Bramble Accelerator employees to respond. When a customer has submitted their details, an email will be sent to the Bramble Accelerator email address automatically.

As a website, it definitely serves it's purpose in portraying the brand and serving as a platform for users to find out information about the company and to get in contact with ease.

For more details on Bramble Accelerator's services and to visit their website, please visit

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