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How we built Aben Bookkeeping's website

Åben Bookkeeping are a bookkeeping company that offers services including VAT, payroll, ONS returns and ECSL. Launching at Brighton's Let's Do Business 2015, Åben needed a website to be able to offer it's services and act as a platform for the business.

Karen Moore, Director of Åben Bookkeeping, required a website that had a look and feel of credibility and professionalism. The website needed to be easy to use for the customer, as well as being easy to update for her and the company. The website required key 'Calls to action' throughout, to try and attract customers to the services on offer.

We created the website using our Timberwolf CMS (Content Management System), to be able to cater for all the necessary requirements that the website needed. It provided a responsive web design, in a professional manner.

Throughout the design phase of the website, we liaised with both the client (Åben bookkeeping) and their business coach as well. This worked well to ensure we were catering for all their design needs and that the website was functioning correctly to their standards.

The website provides clear calls to action throughout. The homepage was designed to ensure the user was attracted to the relevant areas of the website.


As Åben Bookkeeping required key 'Call's to action' throughout the website, there were different features that we had to implement so that it would focus the attention of the user to the services provided. This was especially vital for the home page, to showcase the services on offer to visitors on the website. Below are just some examples of the features on the website.

Home page: Being a new company with a new website, Åben Bookkeeping required that when people visited the website, they needed key 'Calls to Action'. From the home page, there are clear calls to visit the services section on the website in an effective manner.

Contact form: Åben Bookkeeping required a contact form for potential customers to register their details, as well as leave contact details and messages, so that Åben Bookkeeping can contact customers at a time that suits them. It also has a reCAPTCHA form, so that only humans can complete this form, eliminating any possibility of spam.

News: This feature allows Åben Bookkeeping to regularly update news items, which will display in date order and also displays at the bottom of each paged on the website as a title, so that it attracts the user to the story.

The website allows for Åben Bookkeeping to showcase their services in professional tone throughout.

For more details on Åben Bookkeeping's services and to visit their website, please visit http://www.abenbookkeeping.co.uk/

Get in contact: If you like the look of the Åben Bookkeeping website and want more information on how we can build a website for you, or if you are just curious of what a website can do for you please get in touch! Contact us on: (01273) 670100 or email us at: info@build14me.com

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