Onsite SEO Workshop for Small Businesses 26th April 2017

We have been putting on workshops for the past 2 years to help small businesses perform better online. The most common questions we've received are around Onsite SEO terms. This is the Onsite SEO Workshop for Small Businesses.

If you have a website that no-one seems to notice then this 2 hour workshop style session on 26 April 2017 will show you how to improve your ranking.

The Session covers:

  • Title Tags – what are they and how to use them effectively? Make your title tags matter.
  • Meta Descriptions – what are they and how can effective descriptions increase your customer click through rate
  • Heading Tags – what are they and how do you make sure they tell Google and users what they need to know.
  • Content – how to develop content that people want to read, that is interesting, relevant and search engine friendly
  • Images – how to use and name images so they work to encourage visitors to your site and so search engines know what they are.
Finally we look at how we make each of the elements above add to your site's user experience of - favicons, clarity of message, authentic images, location of social media icons, helpful 404's and fixing your links.

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'I thought that the DIY SEO course was fantastic. The tutors were knew their subject through and through and presented things in an easy-going, relaxed manner that made it a pleasure to be there…'

'Attended their SEO workshop - 42 SEO Takeways. Great tips and practical advice, delivered in an accessible and friendly way.'

'Went to a very interesting and informative workshop on how to use social media. Ben was very patient and explained things clearly for us'

Our Next Event

Our next event is the Onsite SEO for Small Businesses workshop, which is taking place on Wednesday, 26 April 2017 at our Woodingdean office. The workshop will start at 5.15pm and run through to 7.30pm (approx). See more information about the event on on the eventbrite listing, or book below:

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If you require any more information about our workshops, or would like us to do a workshop at your business premises or event then please get in touch at info@build14me.com or contact us on 01273 670 100.