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Six schools, more than a thousand children and one community

Children from six schools in the east of Brighton are taking part in a fun sport event this Friday (27 June). Which is being supported by Woodingdean based web development agency

A group of twenty young runners, aged ten and eleven, will carry decorative torches through six schools. At each school, the Torch bearers will lead all pupils in running a lap of the school field, to link more than a thousand children in a day of community collaboration. The sporting fun is to celebrate the Commonwealth Games taking place this summer.

The participating schools, in order they will be visited during the run, are Saltdean Primary, St Margaret's, Our Lady of Lourdes, Rudyard Kipling, Downs View and Woodingdean Primary. At the final field, the Torch bearers will be presented with medals which have been sponsored by local businesses Autovets and Build14Me. The decorative torches have been supplied by community art group Same Sky.

The Torc

h bearers selected from five of the schools are the sports captains from Year Six. At Downs View school pupils chosen to be in the Torch bearing group will be covering the distance in all terrain wheelchairs.

Jude Smith, a teacher at Downs View, explains: “As part of the Deans Community, Downs View has always felt included. In keeping with the Commonwealth spirit, the Torch Run is yet again a fantastic opportunity for our children to work with their main stream peers. This is an exciting chance for our less abled bodied students to take part in the Torch Run with the use of the all terrain wheelchairs kindly lent to us by Brighton & Hove City Council Seafront Office."

Each of the participating schools has been allocated a colour from the Commonwealth Games logo. All pupils will wear their selected colour on the day of the run. When the Torch bearers reach each school, they will run a lap of the school field with all pupils watching the display. Then all the pupils run another lap behind the Torch bearers to create a swirling circle of colour. The circles represent the links in our community. By the end of the day, the Torch bearers will have run more than five miles and the pupils taking part at each school will have created six large colourful circles of moving children.

The run is being organised by Woodingdean Primary School PTFA (parents, teachers and friends' association) and The Deans Sports Partnership. Woodingdean PTFA has worked with all six schools to co-ordinate the day as well as arranging practical aspects, such as the torches and sponsorship. The Deans Sports Partnership has trained the sports captains from each school to be able to run the distance and carry the torches as well as devising a suitable safe route between the schools.

Alix Macfarlane, Chair Woodingdean Primary School PTFA, said: “All the schools were keen to support the Torch Run and have been enthusiastic about taking part. This is a great way to make sport fun and to encourage all local children to be active. Even the youngest reception children, the four year olds, will be taking part by running with the Torch bearers at each school. Where we are on the edge of Brighton is great for running and much of the route is through beautiful fields. It's not going to be easy for the Torch bearers though because they are running uphill for five miles as well as running the laps at every school."

Darren Hambrook, Deans Schools Partnership manager, said: “Our Commonwealth Games Friendship Torch Run is a celebration of what can be achieved when we work together. We have close links in our community and the Deans Schools Partnership is proud to help encourage sporting participation across all local schools. The children I have trained to run the five mile route are inspirational. They are all aged 10 and 11 years and have worked hard to build their distance running up to this level. Some are now moving at impressive speeds. The runners' dedication shows why they are the schools' sports captains and also what excellent representatives they are for the participating schools."

Darren added that the runners will also include young leaders and staff from Longhill School, who are taking part to help support the young Torchbearers. The participation by Longhill representatives means all seven local schools are taking part in the event.

Notes to editors:

  • Sussex Beacon has provided heat blankets to give out at the end of the run
  • The schools colours for the Torch Run are Saltdean = white, St Margaret's = red, Our Lady of Lourdes = black, Rudyard Kipling = green, Downs View = blue and Woodingdean = yellow.
  • The logos influencing the colour scheme:
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