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When it comes to Digital Marketing and SEO Build14me looks at the whole picture. We take an intelligent approach to getting your business found by the people who are looking for the services or products you provide.

Our approach is to clearly communicate what your business excels at and to create confident, likeable brands that people want to engage with. We look at the user experience from your target audience's viewpoint and try to think like they think.

Your business is unique and our approach to each of our clients is unique too. Our aim is to understand as much about your business as we can so we can develop ways of creating relationships with your audiences and getting them to buy into you, your people and your products or services.

We work with you to understand:
  • Your business (and personal) objectives
  • Your long (and short) term goals
  • Your local (and national) competitors and marketplace
  • We talk to you about what you have done in the past (and what you are doing now)
  • We put together compelling (and engaging) digital marketing and SEO plans
  • We analyse (and test) the effectiveness of all that we do and make recommendations for improving things every step of the way

These are the Digital Marketing Services that we offer:

SEO Services

We offer SEO services that help get your business found by the users that should be finding them. We go from doing a website checkup to analysing how your website is performing, to creating and overseeing SEO strategies.

Take a look at our SEO Services

Social Media Management

We know sometimes it can take valuable time to manage social media (and it can be addictive!). Or sometimes people can struggle for ideas when trying to connect with their followers. We can help manage your social media accounts and take care of everything for you.

PPC Management

PPC is a way of getting you in front of potential customers pretty quickly. And for many people, the costs of PPC can be justified, depending on the value of a click to their website. We can help manage your PPC for you, or can simply point you in the right direction to get started.

Content Creation

When it comes to creating content, many people simply get stuck for ideas or those ideas simply do not match what the company/brand is about. We can help create ideas and concepts for your content. This could simply be certain areas on your website. Or maybe a social media campaign to target the correct audience. Get in touch with us and we can help.

For more information, give us a call on 01273 670 100. Pop into see us for a cup of tea and a chat. Or alternatively, email us on [email protected]