The Best SEO Company in Brighton

*This feature has been updated in 2019*

Who is the best SEO agency in Brighton? Phew,  that’s a pretty tough question to answer but I guess as you are reading this feature it may  possibly be that we are the best  SEO agency in Brighton.

Sure we do not have stacks of SEO awards and we tend to be pretty poor at spending the time we should on our own SEO – but we do have some pretty happy clients.

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Before we start it is important  to realise that we have not just plucked the question out of the air. We know that people search for the term and we genuinely wanted to help! Oh and also we have decided to go for a 'Shameless plug' not something we are usually that comfortable with - but bear with us - you (and we) are part of an SEO experiment... that started in April 2017. So where to start? Well I guess you would like to know;

How have we defined who is the best SEO agency in Brighton?

Well firstly we did what any sensible potential customer would do… we typed into Google (and Bing and duck duck go and…) ‘the best seo company in Brighton’


Then we looked at companies that appeared in this search and at their reviews – because research has shown that ‘88% (of people) trust reviews as much as personal recommendations’ (source,

Also do bear in mind we only looked for companies that had 'Reviews'

In the local pack, in April 2017 we saw:

  • Get manic based on Lewes Road in Brighton have 9 reviews on their Google my business page and an average rating of 4.7

  • Convert Digital Freelance SEO have 7 Google reviews

Jumping forward to June 2019 that same local pack includes:

  • Build14me (ooh that’s us!) with 15 five star Google reviews

  • Tron Media, with 6 five star Google reviews

  • And Seed Publicity with 2 five star Google reviews

And for your information, Convert Digital is currently sitting at around 12 on the local pack – we are not sure where Get manic now sits.

(NB we are not fools we do know that our own company is the one nearest us so our 1st position could simply be reflecting that BUT –

we are still in the same area as we were 2 years ago when we simply didn’t appear!)

But then on the organic search – well in 2017 - we had to go three pages in to find:

  • Artemis marketing who say that they provide ‘Simply top Google ranking for Brighton Businesses’ wow that is a pretty bold statement. It looks like they have around 21 review with an average rating of 4.7 which is well impressive but… isn’t there always a but? Having had a look at their website – turns out these guys are not even based in Brighton so we have decided that they don’t really count!

  • Britweb have 12 reviews and an average rating of 4.7 and they are based in Horsham, so near enough to Brighton to be at least in with a chance of taking the accolade.

  • Build14me has 12 Google reviews and an average ranking of 5… So we were definitely in with a chance to win … The Best SEO company in Brighton award

But since then the rules about your review ratings being shown as part of the organic search have changed so whilst we are comfortable that having good Google reviews is of benefit to any company hoping to climb the ranking ladder – these are not visible to the user.


How to find a good SEO company.

We wanted to get some advice on how to choose a good SEO company to work for – and we have found articles that we think are worth a read.
We have selected the articles that hopefully give you some really good suggestions and ideas on how to select not only the ‘Best SEO company’ but also the company that is right for you. We are great believers that there is a company out there that will be right for you.
This feature from SEO Works asks ten ‘key questions’ that you should put to an SEO company to help you understand if they have the range of knowledge that you need. They have also include some suggested questions that an SEO company should ask you

The feature below is from a company called QuickSprout – I would suggest that they are a US based company. They have packed the feature full of lots of thoughts and ideas (17 questions to ask before hiring and SEO company). You will need a fair amount of time to digest all they are saying. What we liked about this feature is that it talks a lot about what you can expect from SEO in terms of promises that a company could or should be making to you and to beware of the company that guarantees you will reach the #1 spot on Google
The feature below is from Moz – and although it was put together in 2013 it is nice to have a video to help explain thing simply (and it makes a welcome change if you have been wading through stacks of text and charts!). The content itself is fairly difficult to go through as the layout is fairly dry – but we think it is worth a read.

And lastly you should check out the feature from FindTheEdge – it is fairly old again – but does have some good thoughts and ideas on making sure you find the agency that is right for you

As an update in June 2019 I would also suggest you read this feature by industry favourites ‘Moz’ it sort of takes the micky out of companies that rank highly for phrases like ‘best SEO agency in Brighton’. The irony of us recommending you read the feature is not lost on us but we still think it is worth checking out!

Our message about ‘What to look for in a Good SEO company’

There are lots of really good articles and information published almost daily on the internet about how to choose a good SEO agency. But the overriding message as we see it is ‘Find a company that suits your business’. When you are looking to work with any business you need to make sure there is expertise and experience sure but mostly you want to work with people who ‘get’ your business and your business objectives. Work with a company that shares your values and has the same ethos or culture as you. And most of all – communicate with them – learn from them and get your site doing what you really need and want it to do.

And after a lot of thought and consideration  all the judges (that’s Ben, Tim, Adrian and Jo at Build14me’s offices just outside Brighton)  think that actually Build14Me wins the Best SEO company in Brighton award as sponsored by erm… Build14Me.

Congratulations Build4Me and keep up the good work!

We know not everyone will appreciate that we have awarded ourselves the award but if you think you’d like to talk in more detail about your SEO why not give us a call? 01273 670100

One other feature we reckon is pretty important when it comes to being the best SEO company in Brighton is being the sort of company that tells you stuff and we do it in bucket loads all over our social media and blog - but for starters why not read the tips below on what you need to think about in SEO terms in 2017. Below we have also updated this feature adding Build14me top SEO tips for 2019:

Build14me top 3 tips for SEO in 2019 – things everyone should know

  • Google has launched ‘Mobile first indexing’ to address the fact that ‘most people are searching on Google using a mobile device’. Essentially Google say that they are developing algorithms that will eventually use the mobile version of the site content to rank the pages. You can find out more .. This change won’t be immediate but is certainly worth thinking about as you have new sites developed

  • Voice search is now well and truly a thing .. in fact it is the fastest growing type of search with around 55% of teens and 41% of adults using voice search on a daily basis. Key to excellent voice search is an understanding of the meaning of the question/requests being asked. From an SEO perspective this means that excellent, informative content needs to be written in a conversational tone. There are some excellent recommendations about what this actually means in this recent Search Engine Journal feature

  • Rich snippets – a rich or enriched snippet will be eye catching and sometimes mouth watering, it will contain extra bits of content and photographs/info graphics that make the snippet the most desirable result on the page. You will be familiar with weather forecasts and probably recipes too but there are probably many ways that you could answer key questions about your products and services that would make you stand out from your competitors too. Find out more about rich snippets .

Thanks for reading

Ben Macdonald