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SEO, Responsive Web Design and Google updates – August 2015

At Build14me we like to keep up to date with all of the things that matter or should matter to people who have websites. We scour the internet daily and when we find an interesting article we post links on @build14me (https://twitter.com/Build14me) Every month we put together a complete synopsis of all the articles we have read – so you don’t need to miss a great feature just because you missed a tweet.
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August top stories…

Stop Ghost Spam in Google Analytics with One Filter – moz: Carlos Escalera gives some excellent insights into how to reduce Ghost Spam. (are we the only people who see the word Spam and think Monty Python)


Why it is important to balance SEO and user experience – entrepreneur: Anca Bradley, Brand Management Director at Fruition reminds us why we should follow Google’s ‘Focus on the user and all else will follow’


Responsive Web Design is Important for Your Site’s SEO – Business2community: Rolando Herrera talks about how ‘without SEO your picture will be incomplete’


What to expect with the Google Panda 4.2 update search engine land: Barry Schwartz Talks to google about the roll out of Panda 4.2 – what is it and why is it the ‘slowest roll out ever’


Here are 6 design trends that are taking over the web – The Next Web: Anna_Feliza talks about how the ‘back to basics’ trend seems to have outlived many others.


The Ultimate SEO guide – a great article and tips on what you should be doing: Zara Burke gives her thoughts on Optimising & Future proofing your website.


The top 4 basic SEO principles that increase web traffic – Entrepreneur: Deborah Mitchell speaks to Sheryl Simonitis – Vice President of Marketing at Noodle about the 4 basics of SEO


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Are there any SEO benefits to having an RSS feed – Google speaks out: John Mueller. Google Webmaster and trend Analyst is interviewed by Jennifer Slegg about the benefits of RSS feeds on your website


Merging Social media and SEO – this is why they need to combine – Business2community: Mathew Santos looks at how the ‘growing synergy between SEO and social media’ and how ‘most organizations aren’t using them collaboratively.


Why Meta data is important – good article on how Meta data helps your SEO – practical ecommerce: Jill Kocher starts with the premise that while ‘Meta tags are metadata but not all data are meta tags – read the article to find out if you agree.


Video is becoming very effective to your SEO efforts, this is why – search engine land:

Wesley Young shows how he thinks video is the next thing that will ‘revolutionize the (local Search) marketplace. http://searchengineland.com/rise-video-8-tips-boost-sites-seo-227498

Ok we are cheating here a bit because this is actually one of our features (written by Build14me’s Jo Weatherall) who spent an afternoon reviewing a number of YouTube videos that claimed to give website design tips to small businesses.

YouTube Website design tips for small businesses http://www.build14me.com/blog/website-design-tips-for-small-businesses/
SEO for content marketing: Beyond what’s on the page, useful info: Andrew Schulkind explains why ‘Great SEO work Is about more than just the content on the pages of your website’ and how ‘Other parts of the marketing universe factor in as well.’


You tube is the world’s second largest search engine – Here are 3 SEO tips for it; Sam Edwards, Digital Marketing Strategist gives practical advice on how small businesses should be using You Tube to really increase their web presence.


Blend content marketing and SEO to reach more of your market audience: Bre Smith looks at how to blend content marketing and SEO to ‘Reach more customers than ever before.’


Online word of mouth – how important are customer reviews to your business?  Brian Sutter, Director of Marketing at Wasp Barcode looks at how reviews can influence people to use your local business and it’s not just people who are influenced by reviews – Your search ranking is too..


How to be a good web design client – communication is key: Ron Johnson of CyberOptik asks if you are a ‘good client’ and demonstrates the benefits that being a ‘good client’ can bring. In an ideal world we would love all of our clients to be good – if you think you are one – please do get in touch with [email protected] we would LOVE to work with you.


Mega Menus and SEO, what is best practice: Chris Liversedge gives some practical advice for ‘best practice implementation of the a mega menu’


6 good non-SEO tools to use for SEO purposes Brian Patterson shares his favourite non SEO tools that can really help you move up those search rankings


Here’s why the new google logo makes sense : – Matt Swinder – gives an insight into ‘why the google logo font changed today’ although it is not ‘today’ any more… read and enjoy.


So, that’s been our month, we hope you have found this selection of articles interesting – and if not – well, well done for reading it.

Have a good September.

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