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We have posted many links out from our social media recently. We thought it would be useful to have them all in one place for people to view. The many article links are based around responsive web design, seo, web design, marketing and more.

How can long tail keywords be effective within your SEO campaign and gain you advantage over competitors?:


long tail keywords

The 5 pillars of visual hierarchy in Web design. Good article:



See the figures – a good article on why it is important to a have a responsive web design and carry out mobile SEO:


Ultimate SEO guide:


Structured data markup is increasing in importance for semantic search and search engines. Here is a good article why:


Local Businesses: A good article on how to rank your local business, with ‘Local SEO’. Check it out here:


How does Google’s new ‘Mobile friendly’ algorithm update really impact on search rankings:


The influence social media has on web design and why it should be embraced:


What are the best ‘Calls to action’ on websites? A good article with great ideas and examples:


A good article on Local SEO and the impact it has on searches and mobile:


A good article on ‘Visual Test-Driven Development’ for responsive web design. Good methods in testing websites for issues before they go live:


Email Marketing – Email openings on mobile are now higher than traditional desktop platforms. We know this first hand from clients email campaigns. The key is to have responsive design, so that the email is accessible from all platforms, so that any customer can view it to it’s full potential, getting your message across:


The importance of choosing the correct colours for your web design and the effect it can have on people’s emotions:



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