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Is Brighton a city?

Blog about Brighton – As a Brighton based company Build14Me love the city we all live and work in – so we have decided to put together a series of features in response to some of the questions we are most frequently asked.

So first up. ‘Is Brighton a city?’

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(Photo courtesy of Roman Grac)

Yes it is – Brighton & Hove ‘joined to become the unitary authority of Brighton and Hove, which was granted city status by Queen Elizabeth II as part of the millennium celebrations in 2000.’. City status was also issued to Inverness and Wolverhampton as part of the millennium celebrations. Towns that were not selected included Blackburn, Darwen, Blackpool, Bolton, Chelmsford, Colcheter, Croydon, Doncaster, Dover, Greenwich, Guildford, Ipswich, Luton, Maidstone, Med, Milton Keynes, Northampton, Reading, Shrewsbury and Atcham, Southend-on-Sea, Stockport, Swindon, Telford, Warrington and Wirral.

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The best small business websites

At Build 14me we are often asked about the best small business websites and so we asked Google to help us put together a comprehensive list of sites hailed as being ‘the best small business websites’.  These are the results:

1)  The Web awards website http://www.webaward.org/ awarded the 2014 accolade to http://reasons.screenagers.com/#videos and you know what we think this is pretty great too. Lots of cute little touches – great personality and an amazing client list . Wow – this almost blew us away. As an almost competitor we didn’t really want to like this site – but you know what, we loved it.

monitor - build14me - web design in brighton

2) In 2013 the same awards were won by http://www.dash.com.hk/ which seemed to take a crazy amount of time to load but was fun too. Definitely worth a peek.

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SEO, Responsive Web Design and Google updates – August 2015

At Build14me we like to keep up to date with all of the things that matter or should matter to people who have websites. We scour the internet daily and when we find an interesting article we post links on @build14me (https://twitter.com/Build14me) Every month we put together a complete synopsis of all the articles we have read – so you don’t need to miss a great feature just because you missed a tweet.
And don’t forget if you have written or seen an article you think we should re-tweet – then send the details to ben@build14me.com and if we think our followers and customers would find it useful we are more than happy to feature it.

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August top stories…

Stop Ghost Spam in Google Analytics with One Filter – moz: Carlos Escalera gives some excellent insights into how to reduce Ghost Spam. (are we the only people who see the word Spam and think Monty Python)


Why it is important to balance SEO and user experience – entrepreneur: Anca Bradley, Brand Management Director at Fruition reminds us why we should follow Google’s ‘Focus on the user and all else will follow’


Responsive Web Design is Important for Your Site’s SEO – Business2community: Rolando Herrera talks about how ‘without SEO your picture will be incomplete’

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Spotlight On….Suzanne Borrell of mumandworking.co.uk

Build14me are proud to be sponsoring the mumandworking awards 2015. The awards highlight amazing individuals, inspiring employers & the many advantages of flexible, family-friendly employment.

Here we spoke to Suzanne Borrell co-owner of mumandworking.co.uk about what get’s her up in the mornings.

suzanne borrell - mumandworking

The reason I work the way I do now is because I am a mum.We acquired mumandworking from a ‘mumpreneur’ in 2008. we were already engaged with the website as we used it to promote our Whatson4
(http://www.whatson4.co.uk/) group of websites and it had always given us great results.

We really loved the mumandnetworking concept, it offered parents, mums and dads, the opportunity to find work that is flexible enough to work around their children. Since we have owned the site we have had a technical rebuild and in 2014 we had a rebrand.
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Website design tips for small businesses from You Tube

Website design tips for small businesses from You Tube

As Brighton based web designers Build14me are keen to offer good advice to small business owners thinking of setting up their websites. But we don’t pretend to have all the answers.. so this month we have scoured You Tube for some videos that offer advice and suggestions to make sure that your website is the best it can be.

Please do let us know if you have any favourite information videos – contact Ben@build14me.com we are always happy to pass on recommendations.

Website Design Tips for Small Business Owners 

Postcardmania put together this video with their thoughts on why a website is critical to the success of a small business. 6mins 06



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Content for effective SEO, Social media and Web Design

Content for effective SEO, Social media and Web Design

Like every month here at Build14Me, we post out useful content that we think is effective for SEO, Social Media, Analytic’s and web design in any business. The content and links below are the summary of everything we posted out for the month of July. They have been categorised into relevant sections:

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In this section, you will find all the relevant links to SEO tips and information that we found useful this month. The SEO game is forever evolving and changing, which is why it is a big topic to keep up to date on:

How do you get everyone in the company on board with SEO?

5 SEO myths that should be forgotten in 2015:

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The most important things to include on your website

The most important things to include on your website

As you plan your company or personal website – you may well be asking yourself ‘What are the most important things to include on my website’. You are probably looking for a checklist from an authoritative source so… At Build14Me we have been scouring the internet to help us put together this list of the most important things to include in your website.

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Useful responsive web design, SEO and digital marketing tips and information

In continuation from our post last month, we have rounded up all the links and postings that we have sent out in the past month. They contain many useful information and tips, regarding responsive web design, SEO, digital marketing and general web development. We post links that we enjoy and benefit from, so hopefully you do too! 

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3 key steps to help you in the local SEO game:


How voice search and Google ‘Direct Answers’ are shaping SEO as we know it:


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Tips for choosing the best web design company

Tips for choosing the best web design company

Here we have 28 tips for choosing the best ever web design company

Well OK 28 tips to help you choose the best ever web design company does seem a bit ludicrous but to be fair – reading tips from a web design company about how to choose the best web design company is a wee bit daft..

So our tips are the ‘highlight’ tips taken from a range of online tips for selecting the best web design company. To find these we simply put how to select a web design company into google hiding our private results.

We have then selected a few grand ideas from each of these sites and made our very own (nearly) tips for helping you choose the best ever web design company… and by the way Build14Me builds pretty good websites too.

build14me - briefcase

How to Choose a Web Designer – Passion For Business, LLC


Our favourites from Karyn Greenstreet’s selection: Continue reading…


Building websites for Woodingdean

Building Websites for Woodingdean.

At Build14Me we are right proud to be part of our local community. We are based in Woodingdean which Wikepedia (link https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Woodingdean) describes as being ‘an eastern suburb of the city of Brighton and Hove East Sussex, separated from the main part of the city by downland and the Brighton Racecourse’.

Woodingdean has a population of around 10,000 people and a pretty thriving business community. We are based on Warren Road which seems to act as a thoroughfare taking commuters, holiday makers and schools traffic from (East) Brighton towards the A27 and Lewes, London and Worthing. There are a number of businesses along our ‘stretch’ including a mobility shop, a newsagent, a burger bar, a couple of estate agents, a t-shirt embroidery business, Johny’s Wares (link http://www.johnyswares.co.uk/), Paws with a cause (link http://pawswithacause.co.uk/) a hairdresser, a funeral parlour, Woodingdean café (link http://www.woodingdeancafe.co.uk/), a blind shop, a carpet shop and the obligatory Tesco Express and local pub. And just a street or so away there is property maintenance company NP Dechaine (link http://npdechaineltd.co.uk//). Oak Cottage Nursery is opposite (on the South side of Warren Road) (link http://oakcottagenursery.org///)

build14me - wrench - web design woodingdean

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