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Digital marketing and web design features – September 2015

Every month we like to showcase some of the best features and posts that we find on the world wide web, which ranges from anything like web design, to SEO, to general digital marketing advice and tips. The reason for this? Well, mainly because these features are something of interest to us. So therefore it makes sense to share these on to our followers and visitors in one neat and tidy blog.

So here go:

September’s top digital marketing and web design features and stories…

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How Social Signals Affect Your SEOSearch Engine Journal – A good article by Dario Zadro at Search Engine Journal, demonstration how social signals can affect your SEO practices, such as increased traffic, social link building and increased domain authority. Well worth a read:


Metadata Can Optimize Search Results Practical Ecommerce – This feature, which is aimed predominantly at E-commerce website, still has a some good takeaways even if your site is not e-commerce. Jill Kotcher of Practical Ecommerce, shows how marking items on the site with meta data can help optimise search results. How to make you stand out from competitors and boost your products and services. Check out the feature here:


A Complete Guide to Rocking Your Local SEO Marketing Business2Community – Govind Agarwal of Business2Community provides a great guide of how to boost you Local SEO strategy, making you visible in local search. Worth the read if you are interested in this area and/or need to improve your business’s local profile:


How to Utilize 4 Key Google Tools to Turbocharge Your SEO – Clickx – in this feature, Solomon Thimothy of Clickx showcases 4 Google tools that can be used together top help boost your SEO efforts. Using the majority here at Build14me, we can only confirm that the tools featured are well worth the time to use:


10 SEO lessons I learned the hard way – Business2Community – Hellen Oti of Business2Community shows in her article 10 fundamental lessons to be learnt when tackling SEO. It provides a great insight of the issues that everyone has suffered or will suffer at some point when they are doing SEO. Some great advice in this article and well worth a read:


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5 Typography Tweaks for better web design & response Business2Community D Bnonn Tennant of Business2Community provides 5 different simple tweaks in the copy of web design that can help to provide better results with an audience. This ranges from font sytle, to font sizes and even what you should focus on within underlining text for examples. Good simple tips that we also advise. Check them out here:


The Super SEO secret that most businesses miss – Huffington Post – Michael Peggs of Huffington Post shows in this short and sweet article, is that when it comes down to it, the best form of SEO is still generating decent back links that is most relevant to the end user. This can be beneficial, when thinking about who you want to get your content to reach and the ways of getting the content out there. Some goof advice:


6 Free SEO tools to boost your search engine rankings – Business2Community This a great little article from Business2Community. We all like ‘free stuff’ and this feature is full of it. They showcase some of the best websites and software that can help boost your SEO efforts. We us most of them here at Build14me, so can only confirm their worth. Check the feature out here:


On-Page SEO health audit – The crucial checklist – Business2Community – Another good article from Business2Community (Keep an eye on their page, they always have insightful features). This article shows the crucial checklist when it comes to your on-page SEO. Meeting most of these tips will be a thumbs up from a search engine and Google perspective. Take note:


8 Actionable takeaways from the 2015 SEO ranking factors –  Search Engine Journal – This article from Neil Patel at Search Engine Journal highlights probably the most important actions that we as SEO’ers can take away and implement from the search engine ranking factors 2015. Implementing these factors to your website will gain be a big thumbs up. Take a look at some of these factors here:


SEO Hacks: 3 bad habits you need to break today – Business2Community – This article from Liz Murphy at Business2Community, looks at SEO from the different persepctive, what you shouldn’t be doing. Take a look at this article. If you are doing these SEO bad habits, then you may want to rethink!


The SEO and user science behind long-form content – Search Engine Land – This article from John E Lincoln, explores the benefit of ‘long form content’ to a website and its users. He shows exactly why your content should be long-form and full of useful information that adds to the user-experience of the readers, and how it can be of benefit to the website overall. See the article here:


We come to the end of our list of Septembers top content that we found. Hopefully for all our readers, there is a lot of useful items to takeaway to implement, because there certainly was for us. Lets hop the rest of October brings some more great content.

If you think you have a great content that should be getting noticed or featured then get in touch! We are always happy to feature great content. Go to our Contact us page to get in touch.

The B14me team.

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