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Beyond Brighton – Places to visit around Brighton

Beyond Brighton – Fascinating Places to Discover

The city of Brighton has a quirky, unique flavour all of its own. But there’s more to East Sussex than Brighton & Hove. Here’s some information about some of our local towns and villages, covering the best bits you don’t want to miss! 

Shoreham-by-Sea – 7 miles from Brighton city centre

Shoreham by Sea is a delightful little ex-fishing town seven miles or so west of Brighton. It’s an ancient place bordered to the north by the beautiful South Downs National Park, to the west by wide, flat valley of the River Adur and to the south by the Adur and Shoreham Beach, quieter and cleaner than Brighton beach and far from the madding crowds in summer. Continue reading…


Why is Magento resetting my prices to zero?

Is Magento re-setting prices to Zero seemingly randomly? 

Magento query – why are my prices resetting to zero in Magento?

Prices randomly changing to zero in Magento

Prices reverting to £0.0 in Magento

These are the questions/search terms we put into Google when we hit a really worrying problem with a newly launched ecommerce Magento site that we had developed for a client. The site had been tested on a private server and everything worked. We were confident enough to go live. Continue reading…