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*NEW* Google Analytics App Launched for iPhone

As of 29/7/14, for the First time ever, you can see your web statistics from your mobile through the new Google Analytics App for iPhone.

Offered as a Free App for both iPhone’s and android’s this app is sure to prove itself popular amongst web agencies and website owners across the globe.

While useful it clearly is in definitely in early stages as functionality is limited somewhat compared to that of the desktop version. Continue reading…


Spotlight on: Aqutilis.tv – A website to behold – ‘Sea’ for yourself


Aquatilis is one of my favourite websites. It is an impressive display of web coding and design, but also built to raise awareness for a 3 year oceanic exploration!

Unfortunately, I will have to leave the exploration to the professionals, however with my profession being web design at Brighton’s Build14me.com, I can at least explore the Aquatilis website from the comfort of dry land and would absolutely invite you to do the same.

The site is incredibly visual and suitably designed around magnified images of the oceans most bizarre and colourful lifeforms.

You are welcomed to the site with animated waves rolling in the background and an ‘inhale’ button, seemingly being pushed around by the waves, enticing you to dive the first depth of your journey.

Continue reading…