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Web – Design, Development and Maintenance

At Build14me we are pretty mad about the web! We enjoy the geeky stuff and the cool stuff that goes with it We’re either searching the web, or building the sites to be searched… but we still regularly hark back to more traditional form’s of media too, such as that of the printed press!

There was an article in the Evening Standard the other day that particularly caught our attention while we travelled homeward from the great capital of the country.
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2014 SEO: Hummingbird – Google’s new algorithm!

SEO is an ever changing world of techniques, rules and even codes that requires a lot of time and effort to not only perfect, but then stay on top of too!

Here at Build14me¬†we enjoy the process of SEO because it’s like an on-going game. A very serious game when it involves work for our clients, which we do take very seriously, but who says you can’t be serious without having some fun at the same time? Continue reading…