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Does My Small Business Need a Website?

My 4 BIG answers to why small businesses need a website.
BIG Answer 1
A small business needs a website because…It helps your clients refer you
One of the tradesman Build14me.com built a website for said that he got most of his new business from referrals. This got me thinking – a website is a fantastic way for your clients to show you off! A professional looking site undoubtedly makes you look more professional – if you are a highly skilled plumber but you have a dodgy site people will assume that your plumbing is only as good as your site. And they will move on…
Having a website is also a great way to show people the quality and range of work that you do. Even regular clients or your family and friends are unlikely to know your full range of services and directing them to your website could show them that you have others skills that they may want to use. Build14me.com will build you a website that is exactly the way you want it to be, showing potential new clients your personality as well as your skills.  
BIG Answer 2
A small business needs a website …. So people can find you
If you are looking for a company, tradesperson or even the opening hours of a restaurant you probably go straight to the web, well I have news for you – so does everyone else. If you don’t have a web presence you simply won’t be found. It’s not rocket science but it is really important!
Which brings me onto my next BIG answer…
Big Answer 3
A small business needs a website because…. if a new client can’t find you online, I can guarantee they will find one of your competitors  
Even if you think their website is badly designed, garish colours and it looks like their information has been plonked into a pre-made template, they will still be there, and you won’t be.
And finally…
BIG Answer 4
Small businesses need a website to………get you more business
The other day, I came across some staggering statistics – out of 400 ‘small business owners’, only 54% of them had a website.* What is more, 81% of those small business owners admitted to not feeling comfortably using trades people or services that do not have a website.* This just doesn’t make sense – if you won’t use a company that doesn’t have a site – why would you expect other people to use you if you don’t?
Logic quite clearly points towards all small businesses having a good looking, informative site that clearly tells others about what you do and how you can be contacted.
These are my 4 BIG answers to 1 BIG question – what do you think?
Do you think small businesses need a website?
Let Build14me hear your thoughts!
And if there are any BIG questions you have regarding the web, web design, small businesses social media, or anything related to Build14me…why not drop me a line… I’ll do my best to help.