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Put The User First Not The Search Engine

When it comes to SEO – Put the user first not the search engine

When it comes to SEO it is very easy to get so carried away with trying to keep Google’s bots happy and forget about the real live people visiting your site. People who will decide whether to read your content, act on your calls to action and engage with your company. Unlike Google, your visitors will be able to determine if the site appeals to them visually and speaks to them in a way they want to engage with. Continue reading…


The Mum and Working Academy 2016

The team at Mum and Working have been running successful awards for a number of years, and build14me have been involved as sponsors for two years. The awards recognise ‘amazing individuals, inspiring employers & the many advantages of flexible, family-friendly employment’

This year (2016) for the first time they ran the Mum and Working Academy before the awards event. The academy was an opportunity for business owners, managers and franchisees to ‘join a wealth of like- minded business parents and supporters keen to grow their business, stay ones step ahead, make the right connections and harness the tools and contacts to succeed’.

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Beyond Brighton – Places to visit around Brighton

Beyond Brighton – Fascinating Places to Discover

The city of Brighton has a quirky, unique flavour all of its own. But there’s more to East Sussex than Brighton & Hove. Here’s some information about some of our local towns and villages, covering the best bits you don’t want to miss! 

Shoreham-by-Sea – 7 miles from Brighton city centre

Shoreham by Sea is a delightful little ex-fishing town seven miles or so west of Brighton. It’s an ancient place bordered to the north by the beautiful South Downs National Park, to the west by wide, flat valley of the River Adur and to the south by the Adur and Shoreham Beach, quieter and cleaner than Brighton beach and far from the madding crowds in summer. Continue reading…


Why is Magento resetting my prices to zero?

Is Magento re-setting prices to Zero seemingly randomly? 

Magento query – why are my prices resetting to zero in Magento?

Prices randomly changing to zero in Magento

Prices reverting to £0.0 in Magento

These are the questions/search terms we put into Google when we hit a really worrying problem with a newly launched ecommerce Magento site that we had developed for a client. The site had been tested on a private server and everything worked. We were confident enough to go live. Continue reading…


SEO for responsive websites

Having a responsive website, one that works on mobiles, tablets and PC’s has fast become an essential rather than desirable requirement for any website.

We all understand how a responsive site looks and works on different platforms but the real question we should be asking is: ‘Is SEO better on a responsive website?’ After all, a site that isn’t visible really isn’t going to do your business any good at all. Continue reading…


What County is Brighton in?

What county is Brighton in?

As a team who live and work in Brighton we are often asked ‘What county is Brighton in’ and to this end we have done a bundle of research to find out the answer.

So where to start? Well it turns out that the City of Brighton and Hove is a unitary authority. A unitary authority essentially provides all the local services traditionally carried out by both the Local government County Councils and the District, borough or city councils.

gloomy brighton pier - build14me

(Photo courtesy of Steven Iodice)

As a unitary authority The City of Brighton and Hove provides all of the local services usually split between the County Councils and District, borough or city council including:

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Digital marketing and web design features – September 2015

Every month we like to showcase some of the best features and posts that we find on the world wide web, which ranges from anything like web design, to SEO, to general digital marketing advice and tips. The reason for this? Well, mainly because these features are something of interest to us. So therefore it makes sense to share these on to our followers and visitors in one neat and tidy blog.

So here go:

September’s top digital marketing and web design features and stories…

pencil - build14me - web design brighton

How Social Signals Affect Your SEOSearch Engine Journal – A good article by Dario Zadro at Search Engine Journal, demonstration how social signals can affect your SEO practices, such as increased traffic, social link building and increased domain authority. Well worth a read:


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What is Brighton Famous for?

What is Brighton Famous for? Obviously that depends on who you are talking to and what they think makes a place ‘Famous’. Brighton is famous for a myriad of things but let’s start with the basics…

Click on the following links to be taken down to the relevant sections (There is A LOT of content here!) :


brighton deck chairs

(Photo courtesy of Willi Heidelbach)

The places Brighton is famous for:

The pebble beach
The Pavilion
The Pier Continue reading…