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How we built TENKE Group's website

How we built Tenke's website

TENKEis a network of highly skilled, experienced and business focused training providers, learning technology companies and Further Education Colleges.

They provide training solutions that align and make tangible their clients organisation's goals. They deliver the tools to imbed the changes required to develop and improve performance of all of a client's employees.

TENKE is a talented team of employee engagement consultants, expert practitioners and bid writers. They have built a track record with major organisations such as BP, The BBC, The BG Group, DFDS, Felixstowe Ports, Visit Britain, Crew Clothing, County and Borough Councils and NHS Trusts.

TENKE needed a website to showcase the great range of services that they provide. They needed an easy to navigate, responsive and highly visual web design that customers could easily work their way around and with clear calls to action.

We created the TENKE website with our Timberwolf CMS (Content Management System) and used our resident design partner Rhinobytes to create the design. The end result is an easy to navigate website, that is responsive, as well as being aesthetically pleasing to the user.

From the home page and throughout the website is an image carousel, clearly directing users to different areas of the website

There are pages dedicated to the services that TENKE provide, allowing users to see their full range of services to their full potential.

The branding of TENKE can be seen clearly throughout and sits comfortably with all other TENKE marketing and presentation materials. Their website also provides a contact form, allowing visitors to contact TENKE with a message and their respective contact details.


TENKE have many different services available to their customers. The website allows for all their services to be displayed, in a clear manner, with an easy to use navigation throughout. The user experience is vital to the website. The website has many call's to action displayed through carousel's and allows for users different ways of getting in contact with TENKE with the use of a contact form. Below are examples of how these features are created:

Carousel: carousel is seen on every page of the website and 3 key messages are displayed to showcase different TENKE services.

Contact form: TENKE needed a contact form, so that interested potential customers could contact them with a specific message. The contact form is associated with their email address, so that the message and contact details are sent straight away when the form has been filled out. It allows for the user to have an alternative way of contacting the group.

The website allows for TENKE to showcase their services, with clear calls to action for its users throughout.

For more details on TENKE's services and to visit their website, please visit http://www.tenkegroup.com

Get in contact: If you like the look of the TENKE website and want more information on how we can build a website for you, or just curious of what a website can do

for you please get in touch! Contact us on: 01273 670100 or email us at: info@build14me.com

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